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  I’m a Licensed Practical Nurse,an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, a licensed Tantra/Hatha yoga instructor, and an Air Force Veteran who served Operation Iraqi Freedom. I earned my yoga teacher certification in Bali, Indonesia under intense training and immersive study. I have diverse experience in the medical field and a burning a passion for acquiring knowledge through self study and wisdom through fearless experience. After a mind opening and soul awakening experience with Ayahuasca in Peru, my perception on health and medicine shifted greatly. Shortly after my trip to Peru, I experienced a life threatening event in my personal life, leaving me in mental and emotional turmoil. I turned to yoga to help me cope and out of this new found coping mechanism came profound healing and enlightenment! It was the practice and understanding of Yoga/meditation that pulled me out of my sunken place, and that birthed a desire to share this knowledge with as many people as possible.  During my teacher training I was introduced to Ayurveda and it felt like my soul had finally found it’s place, it’s purpose. As a nurse of 7 years practicing western medicine, I decided to take what I already knew and combine it with eastern philosophies and practices. As I embark on this journey and dive into the depths of ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, I invite you to embark with me, as we peel back and explore the deepest layers of Self, raise consciousness, and awaken the innate healer within you. Peace, Love, and Light.



    “EYE-yer-VAY-da” translated as “the science of life” is an ancient medical science indigenous to India . This eastern health science helps one to understand balance and imbalance in the body to prevent progression of disease and address causes early on AKA treating the root! Known for it’s individualized approach, Ayurveda treats each person as a unique system with unique needs and tendencies. Ayurveda teaches that the foods we eat become the tissues of the body, which means the main focus in Ayurveda is nutrition and digestion! While Yoga focuses on the mental and energetic bodies (contrary to practices in the west), Ayurveda focuses on maintaining the physical body. Ayurveda is the sister science of Yoga and they both go hand in hand, to be used together if one is striving for wholeness. In Ayurveda we are connected directly to the Universe, and everything in it, we are made up of the same stuff. We are the microcosm to the macrocosm. 



What makes Yoga self transformative?

The benefits of Yoga stem from its ability to cleanse internal organs, stimulate the main 3 regions of the spine and purify the mind. Yoga serves as an awareness facilitator by encouraging self reflection within each asana (pose), breath, sensation, the moments in between and each thought that occurs throughout the process. Each thought and feeling reveals the nature of the mind, consciousness and spirit offering insight into the false perceptions of the mind. This is where self discovery and awareness begins. You then can begin practicing mastering asanas by monitoring the mental processes and becoming undisturbed by the fluctuations of the mind, remaining stable in the midst of challenge and change. This is Self Mastery. 


What does Tantra/Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga even mean?!

  Tantra means to “weave” or “expand”, so Tantra yoga essentially weaves together the many different styles and practices of yoga and spirituality, and combines knowledge from many different sages to help one connect with the universe! This results in deep understanding of Self, and your higher purpose, attracting universal forces to assist you in achieving all goals from personal, professional, spiritual, mental, emotional and so on! Tantra yoga facilitates expansion and awareness allowing one to extend beyond the material world, and attain spiritual knowledge and liberation. 

Tantra yoga is rooted in traditional Hatha yoga, and its practices travel farther beyond just asanas (yoga poses). Tantra yoga combines within its practices astrology, Ayurveda, chanting, gemology, vibrational therapy, chakra therapy, and many other mystical teachings. 

Hatha yoga focuses on alignment during postures for the prevention of injury including longer holds in asanas allowing one to truly experience the benefits of each asana, practicing breath-work simultaneously. This teaches anyone who consistently practices Hatha yoga the importance of patience, compassion and understanding of self, so that it may be extended out to others. The Hatha Yoga approach is more meditative due to the longer holds, is more chakra focused and internalized. 

Tantric Hatha Yoga implements the practices of specialized breathing (pranayama) and meditation techniques to help one become more aware of the subtle forces that are beyond the physical body, the life force or “prana” as we call it. It is said that when one learns to control prana and direct it’s flow, one learns how to control the mind resulting in a clear mind and an understanding of the subconscious mind......where creation on this plane begins. Learning the ins and outs of the subconscious mind, the fertile soil that feeds any seed planted, results in the mastery of manifesting. Tantric Hatha sequences focus on refining and balancing, will include pranayama, meditation, visualization and chanting.

 Vinyasa flow (flowing from asana to asana with each breath) is added to allow the Integration of what was previously learned through the thorough instruction and exploration of the internal, and external allowing one to sync both the physical body with the subtle forces discovered during your Tantric Hatha practice. 

So basically, we peel back the layers individually, explore them, learn them, understand them, and combine what was discovered into a beautiful and natural flow while maintaining pure awareness of both our internal and external simultaneously. 

Shi performing eagle arms in Bali, Indonesia during Yoga teacher training at Zuna Yoga
Shi performing eagle arms in Bali, Indonesia during Yoga teacher training at Zuna Yoga

Why Private?

Why One on One

 One on one yoga allows the cultivation of a deep relationship with self and infinite cosmic intelligence, the energy source of all that exists, the source responsible for all of creation from the phone you are visiting this site on, to the house you live in, to the trees outside of your window, to the plane that allows you to travel the world, to our planets and even beyond that, the universe and the void in space that holds it all together. Maybe you have been hearing how yoga and meditation has shown through research and history to heal ailments, disorder and disease of all kinds. Meditation alone is a practice that allows one access to the deeper parts of their mind, the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind has been shown through history and research to possess the ability to heal chronic conditions and diseases that western medicine has deemed incurable. 

The west has placed much emphasis on yoga as a physical practice for the purpose of fitness, and while this is very true, considering yoga increases flexibility and range of motion in the joints, and is a great practice to add to whatever other physical activities you are involved in, Yoga also holds within it benefits that go far beyond the physical. It isn’t until you begin practicing (for whatever reason, it doesn’t matter) that you begin to feel the benefits of yoga past the physical level. You start wondering why you are in such a good mood after! Why do you feel so light and free after? You begin notice improvements in the way you manage your life and even handle stress, and if you pay close attention you even begin to notice the way your ‘feeling better’ effects all you come into contact with, including your loved ones. It’s all energy baby, that’s why! 

Private yoga is beneficial for the individual who wants to explore the deeper meaning and benefits behind yoga and meditation. If you are looking to implement yoga into your life as a lifestyle practice, or looking for a lifestyle change, private yoga is for you. If you want to feel good all the time and not just the day after you attend a yoga class, this is for you. Yoga is only one piece of the puzzle, once coupled with a consistent meditation practice and healthy diet choices you will begin to notice changes out of this world. You will see improvement in the challenging areas of your life and your health. Pranayama and meditation are tools that work on the nervous system, bringing balance, and security to this system, which allows the body to enter into self heal mode, the same way it enters into self destruction mode when out of balance due to the number one killer- STRESS! The world is waking up, and so are you! You are your best healer! 


Private yoga provides a unique and individualized approach. It is your time and your space to use completely how you like, and the entire practice is tailored to your specific needs, and goals while honoring where you are in your practice. Your focus can be whatever you like whether it is meditation, a certain pose you are dying to master, or how to integrate the philosophy of yoga with the physical component. In a group class you get what is offered, that is it, nothing more. I design your practice around YOUR energy, and this changes. I honor the seasons, your life phases, and I take all that you may be battling and transmute that energy into a balancing yoga practice, giving you exactly what you need, when you need it. As you grow, your goals change, and as your personal instructor I will continuously tailor your practice to match where you are and where your trying to go. 


Working with my clients one on one allows me to honor whatever restrictions and limitations exist due to past injuries, surgeries or simply restrictions as a result of your physical make up or build. You will get detailed adjustments and alignments so that you learn how to safely practice or enter a pose. Sometimes group yoga can make you feel your pose needs to look a specific or certain way, and in all reality we are all built differently. Poses should be performed in a manner that honors your body and most importantly comfortably. I have heard far too many stories of individuals who attend group classes regularly, sustaining an injury from forcing themselves into a pose, or simply going into a pose with improper body alignment. There is just simply no way for an instructor to have the time to adjust every single person in the class, and that is the first reason I decided to focus on private yoga. 


You don’t have to look over and see the former gymnast or acrobat going far and beyond the pose, showing off their flexibility while you struggle and begin to feel inferior. Yoga is all about starting where you are, being patient with self and honoring the process and the journey. Unfortunately even during this time of what is suppose to be practicing patience, self acceptance and healing, there is always someone who feels the need to show off or compete, and depending on your reason for being in class, this may interfere with your focus and sense of security. 


 Hey, you don’t have to give up group class completely, private yoga is a wonderful way to build that confidence and level up your yoga practice so that you do feel comfortable attending an intermediate or advanced group class. Also, like I mentioned before yoga teaches to start where you are, be patient with self, honor your journey, and laugh along the way. Unfortunately this philosophy is not always emphasized in a group  setting. As a result, your limiting yourself from reaping all of the benefits that yoga has to offer. 

* Overcome fear blockages * Master yoga fundamentals for beginners * Overcome anxiety in comfortable private setting * Decrease stress, and cardiac related issues as proven in clinical studies on those who meditate * Cultivate self love and build confidence in ones practice * Results in mindfulness, awareness and self realization * Overcome past traumas, grief, depression and loss * Bring one closer to sense of purpose and path through discovery of authentic self * Extreme sense of well-being and inner peace * Mental clarity, understanding the psyche * Union of self and infinite intelligence also known as cosmic consciousness * Improve overall health by exploring and addressing every layer of your existence * Provides sacred and private space for healing.

Areas of interest may include:

* Pranayama * Asana Alignment and Adjustments * Flexibility * Injuries * Yogic philosophy * Mantra/chanting * Ayurvedic diet/nutrition * Specific Asanas #GOALS * Mediation/sound therapy * Color therapy * Bandhas * Chakras * Doshas * Koshas and more coming!


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